We offer a variety of seasonal craft and wellness workshops from painting, ceramics, essential oils, alcohol inks, macrame making, resin pouring, meditation and health coaching, soap and bath bomb making as well as kids school holiday events. 

We are always looking to expand our offerings and welcome recommendations as an attendee or host that you would love to see at the studio. 

Due to the current location in the Mindful and Co store, we are limited with what workshops can be run due to space. We hope with securing a seperate space that the studio can have a full and varied workshop schedule.


Despite the easing of restrictions for COVID-19, workshops will be on hold until further notice. The Mindful and Co Store at it current capacity of stock, it's too difficult to move products around on a weekly basis and with the continued adherence to the 4 sq m per person, the store is too small to host workshops of adequate size. 

The store is the process of trying to relocate to a large space within Cronulla. It's not 100% confirmed but if we will know within the next month whether this will go ahead. If so, this would enable the workshops to be run at the back of the store in a separated space with kitchenette and toilet facilities. It would be big enough to adhere to the restrictions and for attendees to feel comfortable attending.

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